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Moving Tips

Here you’ll find invaluable tips for moving house, including a moving checklist, packing and storage pro tips, resources, guidelines, and other helpful tools for making the big move.

You’ll also gain some insights into “REMOVALISTS SYDNEY” approach and all those little extra tasks we can help you with

Moving to a new house with a dog is often more difficult than it sounds. This means that many movers don’t plan with their furry friends in mind, which can cause quite a bit of stress. With that said, there are simple things that can be done to help a dog adjusting to a new home. At REMOVALISTS SYDNEY & Storage, we have been assisting families with a range of specialist removalist services for over 20 years. So, if you’re looking for ways to help your dog adjusting to a new home, you’ve come to the right place.

Moving house with pets is never easy, but fish pose a unique challenge. We breathe air, they breathe water, and unless you’re moving to Atlantis, your fish are going to need some special care and consideration when you’re thinking about how to move with fish. An aquarium is delicate and expensive equipment, so if you’re wondering how to move an aquarium, read on.

How To Move an Aquarium?

  • Step 1: Take out fish
  • Step 2: Take out decor
  • Step 3: Take out plants
  • Step 4: Take out pump
  • Step 5: Empty water
  • Step 6: Clean aquarium
  • Step 7: Prepare to move the tank
  • Step 8: Pack Aquarium
  • Step 9: Unpack Aquarium
  • Step 10: Re-establish fish

Moving house is a stressful enough experience even when you’re fully aware of everything that’s going on. For pets, and especially homebodies like cats, moving can come as quite a shock. Moving with an outdoor cat is difficult for a number of reasons. Wondering how to move a cat to a new house? Here’s a step-by-step guide for moving an outdoor cat to a new home while minimising stress.

Moving an Outdoor Cat to a New Home

  • Step 1: Choose one cat room
  • Step 2: Prepare food, water, and kitty litter before the cat arrives
  • Step 3: Move cat in a cat carrier
  • Step 4: Let the cat out in a closed room
  • Step 5: Comfort and feed the cat
  • Step 6: Keep the cat in one room for 3 days
  • Step 7: Keep the cat inside the house for 2 weeks
  • Step 8: Register the cat
  • Step 9: Supervise cat outside at designated play time
  • Step 10: Slowly increase play time

Knowing how to move a bed when moving is not necessarily an easy feat since it is a large furniture item that can be difficult to manoeuvre out of your home. Not only that, but when moving a bed there can be some risk of damage to your possessions, home interior or even the bed itself; so it’s advisable to take preventative safety measures.

How To Move A Bed

  • Step 1: Remove all bedding
  • Step 2: Roll the mattress up and secure
  • Step 3: Wipe down the frame
  • Step 4: Remove the headboard
  • Step 5: Dismantle the frame
  • Step 6: Place all loose parts in a bag
  • Step 7: Protect the bed with high-grade packing materials
  • Step 8: Too hard? Contact the professionals

Determining how to pack a sound system is often easier said than done, especially if you need to pack them for storage rather than simply transporting from A to B. Ensuring that you pack your sound system properly will prevent damage during the move. This is a particularly desirable outcome if you’ve spent a considerable amount on it. To make storage easier, we’ve created a stepwise process for you to follow which is based on the knowledge we’ve accrued during our rich 20-year history.

How To Sound System

  • Step 1: Disconnect the speakers from the main unit
  • Step 2: Clean & dust the entire sound system
  • Step 3: Purchase quality boxes and packaging supplies
  • Step 4: Bubble wrap the sound system
  • Step 5: Carefully pack the sound system into a moving box
  • Step 6: Securely seal the box with tape and label as fragile
  • Step 7: Transport the sound system to your desired destination
  • Step 8: Pack your storage space properly

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